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Nononsensedrink returns! Cornish Knockers and the future…

Nononsensedrink returns! Cornish Knockers and the future…

It’s official, after a length absence of some 6 month Nononsensedrink is back in town, this time for good!

Before going on I feel I should really apologise for my tardiness in posting; Nononsensedrink hasn’t been updated since September 2012! One massive house move and the chaos leading up to (and after) has been the major driver of this lack of communication to the outside world and all our followers. The good news is that we’re back with a vengeance! As I write this post I sip on a cool glass of Oxford Landing, Sauvingnon Blanc 2012 and reminisce about some of the posts of last year. So what’s the target  now? The answer’s simple;  to go one better.

To achieve this, we have the following exciting developments coming up over the next few months:

  • Updates from local guest ales from our local at @ParkTavern1 (our local). Their guest ales change on an astonishingly frequent basis. Keep your eyes peeled to discover some ale gems from a highly recommended pub in South East London.
  • August 2013: Live updates from California included recommended local wines and other tipples. Keep your eyes peeled as we tour California in the first two weeks of August (not to be missed assuming the internet connection keeps flowing like the wine!)
  • The usual wine and ale commentary from news items over the weeks and months.
  • Some special updates and reviews in addition to the focus for this year (which will be in the main wine and ales).


Cornwall’s Finest Knockers (or conkers)…?
Image courtesy of Skinner Brewery (skinnersbrewery.com)

With all this going on there is a lot to look forward to. Whilst I prep for my next post I will leave you with a discovery that a Cornish residing friend reminded me of, Cornish Knockers ale.

Check out Skinners Beers who claim to be the hoppiest beers in Cornwall. I can certainly vouch for the fact this is a hoppy pint but also smooth. Have a pint, what’s your thoughts? Bottles of this poison are easily available in your local Waitrose or other John Lewis Partnership Store

Great to be back blogging again, it’s been too long. I will be circulating thoughts, ideas and updates again very soon but in the meantime feel free to share the content, the more merrier! Lets get some contacts going

As always, Sante!


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