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English Sparkling wine on the up or on a road to nowhere?

So with the Olympics over its time to turn to the latest news stories rocking the wine world. So what did I stumble across this week, yep you guessed it, more english wine news and also here from 2011 in the Guardian.

It turns out even a panel of European wine magnates couldn’t knock English wine, with one Spanish wine expert going as far as saying the wine was excellent! So what next for England? Could we be the new player on the global sparkling market, boosting the economy in the process? I think not.

“When you buy a bottle of champagne you are not only buying into the wine itself, you are also buying into a romantic notion, a craftsman’s dream.”

Whilst we all love to see a bottle of local English line on the shelf of our local delicatessan, there is one thing that we seem to lack, the passion and craftsmanship that is seen elsewhere in the world. Let’s take the scenario of a French wine-making village. You can imagine it now, a quaint river babbling through the centre of the village, a dog lying under a shady tree in the village square and group of older men playing boules and generally being merry. OK so this image is a little cliched but it’s supposed to be as I am of course making a point.

Yes we can make a decent bottle of wine that impresses the Europeans and yes we would probably buy it but lets be honest the romanticism stops there. When you buy a bottle of champagne you are not only buying into the wine itself, you are also buying into a romantic notion, a craftsman’s dream. In England when you try to do the same you can only think of an abandoned shopping trolley in the babbling brook and a sprawling supermarket in which crime is rife an on the up. Again this image is a little stereotyped but I of course once again make a point. Lets hope that England wine making finds that something else to hang its hat on; it’s possible think of Bombardier ale, country life butter or Hovis bread.

I for one look forward to this time!



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I suppose my interest in wine and drink started after those initial supervised sips during dinners with my parents at a young age. As the years have passed a glass of wine has become my guilty pleasure, however sometimes trying to see past a verbose label on the rear of the bottle can be a bit of a headache. I therefore felt I needed to de-construct some of the language used to describe (and market) wine whilst finding out more about drink on level that you or I can understand! Hopefully all of this will be whilst having a bit of fun and extending all of our understanding of the drinks industry as a whole


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