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Some news and Barack’s Beer the recipe for Presidential Success

Before I begin I feel I should note that going forward ‘nononsense’ wine will become ‘nononsensedrink’ as I branch out and move into other drink markets. So why this move you may ask? The answer boils down to the fact that there are so many other interesting ales and other drinks out there which this blog (by it’s very name) could not cover. Hopefully this change will allow me to discuss, make links and explore ideas far beyond the current scope with some hoppy real ale stories within my line of sight!

So this change will also hopefully explain the lengthy absence since the last post but without any further ado let’s get down to some interesting drink related news stories….

With the American Presidential Race reaching it’s hiatus, enthusiasm is mounting and the candidates are exploring any vote winning option that springs to mind. Mr Obama’s interesting approach is to brew his of special batch of ‘White House Beer’ using the special ingredient of Honey from the bees in the Whitehouse Garden. He has stressed that he has bought the equipment out of his own pocket and not from the pocket of the American taxpayer and let’s be honest Mr Obama is indeed playing to his strengths. The far right weren’t going to vote for him anyway and these are the same people who A. believe he is the devil and B. believe that drink was made by the devil so he doesn’t really have much to worry about on this front. He has however opened up himself and the Whitehouse to a majority of middle class democrat America who A. love drinking and B. would do it themselves if they could.

“So it may be the very bees in the garden of the Whitehouse that bring Barack back to the Whitehouse. Let’s hope so…”

Keep your eyes peeled for broader drink related posts to come…



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I suppose my interest in wine and drink started after those initial supervised sips during dinners with my parents at a young age. As the years have passed a glass of wine has become my guilty pleasure, however sometimes trying to see past a verbose label on the rear of the bottle can be a bit of a headache. I therefore felt I needed to de-construct some of the language used to describe (and market) wine whilst finding out more about drink on level that you or I can understand! Hopefully all of this will be whilst having a bit of fun and extending all of our understanding of the drinks industry as a whole


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