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Chateau Maynes-Graves: Bordeaux Superieur 2009

For those of you who read my post over the weekend you will recall that I was singing the praises of Slayer and their plan to branch out into full blown winemaking. As I was in Scotland at the time I felt more imaginative than ususal and thought it was time to liven things up! My next post is a far cry from the image of some beefy Californian home-grown rockers trampling grapes underfoot but instead transports you to the leafy villages of Bordeaux and the tranquil wineries. If you suffered nausea after reading the clichéd last line of the above I suggest you empty your bucket into the toilet and let’s get on with the show. This particular bottle was a gift to some friends of ours prior to a special day but they kindly agreed to let us try it at dinner. So what’s the verdict:

“Bordeaux and balance aren’t just the two things you remember trying to do when leaving a tasting session”

Taste: 8/10. A well balanced Merlot blend with a hint of a herb finish. So what exactly does this mean in a ‘nononsense response’ (as they shall now become known)? Well from what I can gather this can cover a plethora of things but can refer to the earthiness of the wine combined with the flavours taken in by the vines during maturation.

Value: 9/10 Now that would be telling. Seeing as I got this bottle as a present it would not right in any way shape or form for me to tell. I can however say that the bottle was excellent value. If anybody is interested in where this bottle was obtained from and what the exact price was drop me a line and I will divulge all behind closed doors.

Overall: 8/10. A good well balanced drink that can’t be knocked. A pleasant drink that goes well with meat or infact any meal that is rich in flavour

So what’s coming up on Nononsense wine in the coming weeks…….

  • Commentary on wine and wine related news and trivia that is hitting the front or (more than likely) rear pages of some of news sources in the UK.
  • More tasting reviews

And if all goes to plan..

  • I’m eager to try and get some featured wineries who I can report back to the flock on their products. Let me know if anybody has any suggestions
  • Get round the local food markets/shops of South London to see what they have on offer and what food (if any) goes with the bottles they have on offer. This will be an excellent way for us to see local on the world wide web.


So I suppose the latter of these two points are really the long term aims of this blog, but I thought what better time to let people know where I plan to go as I enter month four of the site. Thanks to all followers to date, until later, Sante!


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