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Chateau-ripeau: Bordeaux 2000


The fine wine

I write this article as I take the train to Scotland (having handily snapped theatre picture of the bottle leaving). There’s something about train travel that is enhanced by

enjoying a nice glass of red whilst whizzing through the rolling hills of this fine nation. I feel I must stress that this is not the case today given the time of our departure this morning! So with my romanticised rhetoric over let’s get on with reviewing the wine.

“Rail travel is enhanced by a decent glass of red (or two)”

This bottle was the centrepiece at our recent cheese and wine evening a week ago however due to various work and family commitments it is only now that I have got round to reviewing it (as per my previous post). It was an excellent drink.



Taste:9/10 This was an excellent bottle which was smooth and fruity. If I had Dads tasting notes to hand I’m sure they would talk about the richness and I eases of the bottle. Good legs also. I hear that 2000 was an excellent year for this wine and it certainly showed

Value: 8/10 various sources have given various prices for this bottle ranging from £45 – £80. I’ll be perfectly honest it was an excellent drink that as worth the money but there are bottles out there that are as good and not far off £10 off the price. This said, for a wine of this calibre price is not an issue.

Overall: 9/10. Can’t really fault it, a highly recommend buy however it is difficult to come by. Try specialist dealers but you’ll need to spend a bit of money. This said for a wine like this it will be worth it.

More reviews and comment to come soon, keep your eyes peeled! I’m beginning to wish I had a glass of Chateau Ripeau, it would complete this rail journey….. Sante!



Chateau-Certain Marzeille: Pomerol (Bordeaux) 2000

Firstly welcome to all who are visiting the blog for the first time. Feel free to look around, make yourself at home and make a comment.

So the background on this particular wine. This was in my Birthday parcel from parents which I lovingly drove 100+ miles home to London. The weight of the bottles in the back of the car severely impeded the 75 horses raring to race out of the engine and consequently performance suffered markedly. The question is has this got the muscle that David Haye failed to show in his recent Munich escapadesDad’s tasting notes that he kindly provided with the wines stated (and I quote)

“[…] from the Pomerol area of Bordeaux. B/s nose. Rich and earthy. 2hr decant. Beefy!”

The above has however raised more questions than answers:

1.  I have no idea what B/S means but I will endeavour to find out.

2. We had a decanter but it broke/went missing/ I’m not sure where it is

2. Beefy? Sounds like something out of a Bovril advert

I still don’t know what B/S means but we had the perfect anser for the second quandary, we decided to use a jug instead under advice from my slightly bemused parent. We then ‘single’ decanted the wine back into the bottle, presumably so that we could sample the ‘beefyness’

So after this extended interlude, what was the verdict:

Taste: 7/10 – I’ll be honest with you I wasn’t that impressed. It was a rich wine and had an earthy taste but i’ll be honest, the jury’s still out on whether it was much more that a nice  and easy drinking red.

Price: 4/10 – At £25.00 a bottle it’s on the pricey side but I suppose that’s what you’d expect for a 2000 Bordeaux

Overall 7/10 – OK so it’s on the pricey side when wine is concerned and this came highly recommended. I mean I won’t knock it, it was a good bottle enjoyed with friends but it lacked the ‘pizazz’ I was expecting, and that would provide the muscle with the meal (again another David Haye reference)

Watch out for wine reviews, comment and news article which will follow but in the meantime, for those of you who didn’t get the David Haye references then check out the link below or click here


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