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Rosemount Estate: Cabernet-Sauvignon 2002

The bottle that never was

It is through longing eyes that I write this post as I never really got to try this bottle as I had a long drive after dinner. I nearly forgot to snap the bottle so this rushed picture was all could manage as I headed out the door,bags in tow.

As I didn’t really get time to fully sample this bottle I can only really talk generally about it and give an overall score, but Rosemount estate wines are usually found in the bargain area of your local Sainsburys next to Jacob’s Creek and the like. This bottle is what you might call the Rosemount ‘elite’. So what do I mean by this? I’ll put it into a different context. This is the black label of Rosemount wines in the same way that Stella Artois now has a black lable and Mercedes have their AMG brand. Now i’ve cleared it up how do I rate this bottle…..

Overall 9/10: This was a rich and fruity drink however I am basing my judgement on a rushed sip but I wouldn’t be writing about this bottle unless it stuck in my mind. It packed a punch and made me think completely differently about the Rosemount Estate. I can’t fully comment on taste nor value as I didn’t have time to research either of these, but needless to say websites that I have checked on since price it at around the £10 range which if true is a bargain. Check out Rosemount’s website here if your interested in their broader range of wines

Keep posted this week, comments on wine in the news to follow. In the meantime I am going to try and find out some wine related news. Feel free to join in the discussion that follows, in the meantime is this a taste of things to come? I hope not…..




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