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Laboure-Roi: Chablais 2007

OK so the exact translation of this wine is “plough-king” which is presumably some kind of homage to this wine’s French Burgundy origins. Alternatively this could be some kind of distraction to make us think it is more original that the actual wine inside. Maybe they hope that this will create some kind of side story where you can be drawn towards the romanticism surrounding a notion of a group of rosy cheeked French farmers treading grapes whilst playing a game of boules. Maybe I am becoming too cynical in my old age…..

“You’re only drinking over the government guidelines when you can’t read them. An easy drinking wine such as this may help you on your way …..”

This bottle came from another one of Lizzie’s swift day trips to Belgium….maybe that will make it taste better! Anyway how did it rate….

Taste: 7/10: Very crisp and refreshing. Fruity also, very much like an American Chardonnay. Really easy drinking but a little on the acidic side. This said you could easily get involved too much and then have too much (which has inspired my quote)

Value: 6/10. Again (like the Trocken Reisling) this bottle was bought in a supermarket in Belgium but was in the more expensive section. Although an excellent and easy drinking bottle, you could get a similar wine for less than the 10 EUR (£8)  that was paid. Thanks though Lizzie!

Overall: 6/10: A fruity wine that gives an American or New world white a run for it’s money but other than the vineyard being steeped in history. The link below tells you about how the vineyard was founded in 1772 and basically how it is a licence to print money but it is interesting nonetheless (corporate yarn aside). Anyway back to the rating, it’s a crisp and fresh wine but is let down by the price when there are some pretty decent wines out there for less. Still this gets a thumbs up from me.


Newsflash: Watch out for some live posts in the weeks to come as I utilise the i-phone app to it’s full extent. I will try and get more than one post a week with at least one in the tasting category. Sante!


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