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Piccini Tuscancy: Chianti 2010

With some fava beans perhaps...?Having been confined to my bed for the last couple of days it got me thinking, I haven’t blogged about specific  a wine for a period of time. Admittedly I actually haven’t been in the mood to sample any wine recently due to a pesky virus however now fully recovered a nice glass of Chianti last night didn’t go amiss. This bottle was the ‘coverted’ orange label of the Piccini family (full details here) and it certainly went down fine. So what do the producing Piccini family say about this wine?

“Chianti Orange is the flagship of Piccini wines. The orange label marks an unique moment not only in the history of Piccini family, but also in the history of Chianti in the world: it marks the first modern image of Chianti for the 21st century. For the first time, in 2000 the Chianti label was simple to the point of minimalism. But the real CHANGE was brought up by the colour: ORANGE is a family legacy as it symbolizes all the energy, youth and passion that characterize our family.” (Piccini, 2012)

Admittedly everytime I drink Chianti I can’t help but make the usual Hannibal jokes, however I shan’t dwell on this and instead will get down to reviewing.

Taste: 6/10. So the bottle was rich and fruity but it was lacking some pizazz. Ripe and fruity (the label agrees) whilst incredibly smooth but i’ll be honest it wasn’t anything more special than this.

Value: 8/10. This was part of a multi-buy deal in Sainsburys back in January. It was great value since it should have been around £7-£9 but we got it for far less. A recommended buy if part of a deal, if not its probably not worth it unless you want lost of satisfactory quality booze.

Overall: 6.5/10. An generally all round OK bottle which  was great value. Defintely a recommended buy but if you’re looking for some high quality wine to drink with some friends, etc then chose your poison carefully. OK so you could get a few bottles of quaffable wine  if you went for this deal, but the old saying comes to mind that sometimes a little is better of an superior product. Indeed there are plenty of other alternatives out there.

Lets hope I don’t get ill again so I can keep on blogging….




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