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Dr Burklin-Wolf: 2008 Reisling (Trocken)

'The bottle from Belgium'

Firstly I have taken the step so that all bottles are photographed using Hipstamatic so that the romance of a by-gone era of photography can be recaptured. Also I will begin giving a summary quote for each bottle (unless it is a bottle from Dad in which case I will use his quotes in anticipation of another ‘beefy’ arising

This bottle was another one picked up by Lizzie on her day trip to Belgium with a group of her students. We love a Reisling but how does it rate:

“Tasty but lacks a kick other than seeing the great value at the till”

Taste: 5/10 It was not as sweet as a Reisling could have been however the bottle we had was only a 2008 ‘Trocken’ which is one of the lower sweetness ones with the grapes not left on the vine for long enough to create an uber sweet wine. It was easy drinking but if you’re looking for a reisling it makes sense to go the whole hog or else you could have a Chardonnay/S Blanc which is equally as quaffable.

Value: 9/10. OK so it was bought in a supermarket in Belgium but at 5 Euro (around £4) it’s bargain!

Overall: 6/10. Unfortunately from my research avaliabilty in the UK appears to only be online which affects the rating. This said it is good value and an OK bottle if you’re on the continent keep a look out for it! This said the chances are that you’ll be on holiday so won’t mind spending a bit more but maybe still don’t overlook this one for an acceptable drink that will spawn conversation of your travels at any table.


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