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Cepa Alegro: Sainsburys TTD Rioja Reserva 2006

Not fully priced but a full flavoured red

OK so this time not a bottle from Belgium but instead a bottle from our very our very own corporate institution (yes I know you got it) Sainsburys! Incidentally I did have a Chardonnay from Belgium to review but I thought that perhaps I had slightly overdone the ‘bottle from Belgium’ wit. Anyhow as they say on with the show!

So we found this bottle on offer during our weekly shop at our favourite supermarket. Please note that this is only our favourite supermarket for two reasons. One it is close and two we prefer to top Tesco, simples [insert generic meerkat sound]. So how does it rate. Ignore the wine snobs harping on about the fact that you can’t get a good bottle in a supermarche, this is for want of a better word a load of old tripe as you will hopefully see from this review..

“Ignore the snob’s tripe you can always get a good bottle from the supermarche”

Taste: 8/10 So we all know that wine from the TTD range by J Sains has hardly been pressed through the bosom of some unsuspecting virgin but the taste was smooth and rich, excellent with red meat. A thumbs up Sainsburys (on this occasion)! As it’s a reserva it has been left to mature for at for at least three years (one of which has to be in oak) and it’s mid range as rojas go. For what it is, couldn’t fault it really

Value: 8/10 Reduced to £6.50 from the [probably artificially inflated] £8.50 showed excellent value for money. If it was full priced though I’m not sure I would be writing the same happy review.

Overall: 8/10 I can’t fault it, it was a good shout and good value for a mid range rioja. OK so it’s probably dressed up as a bit more than it actually is but hey it won’t be the first nor the last. Highly recommended as a good drink. Less highly recommended when full price as you could get a better bottle for the higher price

Watch this space, more comment, more triva, more wine.



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